10 Reasons Why Independence Day is My Favorite Holiday

capture integration medium format phase one mamiya leaf

Even before I moved to the USA in early 2002, Independence Day was already becoming a favorite of mine. Despite the fact that I was never here on the 4th of July before 2002, I still loved this holiday. It started as a small get together at my parents house in Glasgow, Scotland to try and make my girlfriend (soon to be wife) not quite so homesick. We tried our … Read More →

Top 10 Reasons to use an EIZO Monitor

capture integration medium format phase one mamiya leaf

Top 10 Reasons to use an EIZO Monitor We look at them every day. They are probably the most looked at accessory that we have in our photography studio. So why do we pay it such little attention and just buy the generic monitor? Our reason for choosing the monitor often comes down to one or two simple calculations; size vs cost and the visual appeal of the monitor itself. … Read More →

The Northern View: Teamwork

Tough Mudder

Here at Capture Integration we are always emphasizing teamwork, being a team player, trusting your teammates and generally making sure that we are all pulling in the same direction.   Of course we are not the only business that does this, or tries to embrace the team culture, but we really buy into it as a group and it made me realize that the teamwork is all around us on a … Read More →

Top 10 Lightshaping Tools

capture integration medium format phase one mamiya leaf

My Top 10 Lightshaping Tools I started my first job in photography back in 1984 in Glasgow, Scotland with Granville Fox Photography. A local wedding and portrait shooter who taught me so much more in 2 weeks than college did in 2 years! I learned about medium format, communicating to clients, how to shoot portraits and weddings in the “real world” and generally learned many valuable little tips and tricks … Read More →

Broncolor RFS 2.1 Announced

Broncolor RFS 2.1

A new announcement that nearly sneaked by us from the Shoot NYC photo festivities in New York City last week was that Broncolor announced a new revision of the RFS2 system.   RFS is Broncolor’s radio remote release system that acts as both a transmitter and receiver for all Broncolor and 3rd party strobe units. The RFS2 system was introduced with the Senso packs last year and is now built in … Read More →

Line Drive to New England

Capture Integration | New England

Every year as the late winter months are still upon New England, the local newspapers and TV stations run the story of the Red Sox truck being packed up and gear leaving Yawkey Way to be driven down to Ft Myers, Florida – in time for pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training.  This is the signal to New Englanders that Spring is just around the corner, and that warmer … Read More →

10 reasons to use the broncolor Move outdoor kit


10 Things you ought to know about the broncolor Move 1200L Outdoor Para Kit This is my desert island lighting kit. You’re going to be castaway on a remote island and you can have only one light and one reflector – this is my choice and here’s why.   1. Everything is included. Desert island style. The Move Outdoor Para Kit is one of the most complete portable solutions for … Read More →

Lens Pricing is Going Up

lens price increase

Amongst the whirlwind of information circulating about the new Phase One IQ2 series backs is some news that is easily overlooked.  Lens pricing is increasing.  The increase goes into effect on April 1st.  We wish this was an April Fools, but it’s no joke!  So if you have been on the fence about a new lens for your Phase One or Mamiya system, take a look at the pricing below.  … Read More →

When 2MP were the MVP


Twelve years ago on January 28th 2001, the Baltimore Ravens became the 3rd Wild Card team to win the Superbowl.  The game was memorable only for the fact that the Giants were surprisingly outplayed and that a defensive player – Ray Lewis – became only the 2nd linebacker in 35 years to win the coveted MVP award and proclaim his trip to Disney.   I was fortunate enough to be … Read More →