From our home to yours #2

The Connection

To our partners, friends, and their families, Thank you for all the positive feedback from our last Connection Newsletter. We have been fortunate to have established an international business from a small southern marketplace.  Over the last few years, we have intentionally traveled the US with events and Gatherings reaching out to you. Even with these efforts, the fact remains that we have never personally met the majority of our customers. … Read More →

From our home to yours

CI Team Workfrom Home

To our partners, friends, and their families, In these uncertain times, our thoughts are with you and your loved ones. You are all across the globe, in large metropolitan areas, and small rural towns. Some have mandated lockdowns and others advised to social distance. Regardless of your situation, we at Capture Integration want to send you our heartfelt wishes of safety and good health. Importantly, distancing does not mean isolation. … Read More →

Cambo Lens Inventory Sale

Lenses Inventory Sale

Cambo Netherlands has the following lenses available in Copal mount WRS boards.  They are the last NEW copal lenses available anywhere in the market. 23mm Rodenstock HR  –  $9,888 28mm Rodenstock HR  –  $9,228 32mm Rodenstock HR  –  $10,311 35mm Rodenstock HR  –  $7,254 50mm Rodenstock HR  –  $7,365 90mm Rodenstock HR  –  $9,037 90mm Rodenstock HR T/S – $10,436   Capture Integration has the following Certified Pre-Owned Lenses in stock. … Read More →

Three New Phase One XT Lenses Announced

Phase One XT Feild Camera Lens

Phase One announced that there will be three NEW Phase One XT Field Camera Lenses released in 2020! Three Phase One XT Field Camera Lenses Coming in 2020: Current Phase One XT Field Camera Lenses: New Lens Shipping Date… Phase One says that the  XT – HR Diagron – W 50mm f/4 lens will start shipping as early as May 1st, 2020!   Want to Learn More? Contact your CI … Read More →

Save 25% on Nanlite

nanlite 25 OFF

Order Before April 5th! Our customers are loving the bright and consistent lighting powered by Nanlite monolight style LEDs. Now is the perfect time to give Nanlite a try!  From now until April 5th save 25% off the Forza Collection! Contact your Capture Integration Salesperson or our Capture Integration Homeoffice at 877.217.9870

Capture Integration Leica Trade-In Program


Capture Integration’s Leica Trade-In Program We want to make it easy for you.   No need to take chances with fake e-bay buyers, PayPal fees, or difficult 3rd party vendors.  By giving you the trade in price up front, we eliminate the hassles and stress of selling your older model on your own.   Want to upgrade to the latest Leica?  Just use these numbers and give us a call. … Read More →

Check out our 2020 Gatherings Line-Up


Mark Your Calendars Our team received such wonderful responses from you after our 2019 Gatherings so… we had to do it again! This year we are taking it up a notch by adding several additional picture-perfect locations to our list. We are also introducing two NEW specialty Gatherings: Gallery Gathering in Sun Valley, Idaho with our client, Jeff Lubeck and Black & White Savannah, Georgia with our CEO, Dave Gallagher. More … Read More →

Photographer Spotlight: Ken Rhodes

Ken_Rhodes_Quechee Balloon Festival

  CONGRATULATIONS, Ken! Tell us about yourself… I am a neuroscientist by training (Ph.D.), and currently Chief Scientific Officer for a young biotechnology company (Yumanity Therapeutics) located in Cambridge, MA. My wife and I share 4 children (one girl and three boys), and this fall we will become “empty-nesters”. Yikes! I’ve worked for over 27 years in drug discovery and development, striving to develop new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases such … Read More →

Leica Introduces New Leitz Wetzlar Variants


Leica Camera celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Today, Leica announced their limited edition of the Leica M10 Monochrom and the Summilux 35 f/1.4 ASPH. The new Leica variants celebrates the 150th anniversary of Ernest Leitz taking over management of the Leica company and branding it with the Leitz name. Leica says the M10 Monochrom “Leitz Wetzlar” is limited to 650 pieces worldwide while the Leica Summilux-M 35 … Read More →