Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 WS now in rentals!

Mamiya Leaf WS 50

Capture Integration is excited to announce that we now have the Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 Wide Spectrum (Mamiya mount) digital back in our rentals department. Curious about shooting with a wide spectrum back? Interested to see how this back can expand your creative content? Let us know and we can set you up with a rental of the back or a package complete with camera and filters, we currently have … Read More →

Quick Tips: How to use the XF Exposure Calculator

ExposureCalc Banner

One of the unique new tools on the XF camera system is the Exposure Calculator. This tool allows you to set the correct exposure by letting the digital back make changes for you in compensating significant changes. This could be a long exposure, adding ND filters or changing several settings at once and still getting the proper balanced exposure. For the purpose of these initial instructions, we are going to base it … Read More →

IQ3 interface plates for technical cameras


With the introduction of the IQ3 camera systems, Phase One has added additional pins for extra communication with the XF camera body with the digital backs. As some have noticed, the interface plates for technical cameras have a cut out for the older pin configuration and will not accommodate the added pins. This means that the pins will touch the metal plate itself. While this does not impede usage, the pins were … Read More →

Phase One XF Camera: Exclusive Pre-release Testing

Phase One XF IQ3 Camera System

On Sunday May 17th, I boarded a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. I was invited by Phase One to be one of two dealer representatives that would get some hands-on time performing a final beta test on the new XF camera system. I would spend Tuesday and Wednesday (all day) testing the camera body, providing feedback and reviewing some of the changes that we suggested become implemented in real time. It was an … Read More →

Tethering – The Weakest Links

Tethering Weakest Links

Stable tethering is vital to a successful shoot, but unfortunately, the tools used in that connection are the most overlooked part of a photographer’s or studio’s kit. Today, we are going to address the biggest issues we come across when it comes to tethering stability. Thunderbolt-to-FireWire 800 Connector If you’re using an older digital back, such as a Phase One H, P, P+, or Leaf Aptus back on a new … Read More →

Capture Integration Exclusive: USB 3.0 Shoot-out

USB shootout

USB 3.0 Extension Shootout With the release of the IQ series from Phase One and Credo from Mamiya Leaf, USB3 tethering was introduced. As Apple has moved away from native Firewire ports in favor of the faster USB 3.0 standard, and Thunderbolt, USB3 has been taking a stronger hold for tethered shooting. Unfortunately, spec for USB3 is 12’ and even at that, sufficient power does not exist to maintain tethered … Read More →

Photokina – Day 2.2

140916 Photokina_077

For my second half of today here are a few more things I cam across that I thought would be of interest to you all out there. Arca Swiss has quite a few bits of new gear out. First up is a view camera for mirrorless cameras. We’ve seen these from most every manufacturer at this point, and theirs is not terribly different, offering abilities for most mirrorless cameras as … Read More →

Photokina Journal – Day 2.1

Alpa H Shift Adapter

It’s day two here at Photokina and there is still more to see (a whole lot more), so on to the good stuff so far: Alpa has a few new adapters for the FPS to show, including the Hasselblad H mount shift adapter as well as the same for Contax. Lens control is possible through the camera for aperture as well as step focus. The shift happens on the lens, … Read More →

Photokina Journal – Day 1

140916 Photokina_018

It was a long day today at Photokina, especially with it being my first ever time attending this massive trade show. Let’s get down to some of the things I was able to get a look at and get my hands on today. Broncolor had two new products to announce, the first being their new Siros monoblock style head. Available in both 400 and 800ws in three different kit configurations … Read More →

Top 10 DF / DF+ Custom Functions

capture integration medium format phase one mamiya leaf

The Phase One / Mamiya DF & DF+ camera system is a great platform, but you can make it even better by taking advantage of its Custom Functions that allow expanded versatility. We often get calls about these, so here is a list of the top 10 Custom Functions. In order to take advantage of these Custom Functions, you rotate your selector wheel on top of the camera and set … Read More →