End of Life: Phase One P Series Digital Backs

End of Life: Phase One P Series Digital Backs

We knew this day would come.  While these camera systems have been solid workhorses in our studios and in many cases still are, we have come to the point where they will no longer be supported by Phase One repairs.  Effective today, all NON + Phase One P series digital camera backs will no longer have manufacturer repair, support, or service. Capture Integration will still offer support, cleaning, firmware, and upgrade … Read More →

Amazing Clients + Amazing Workshop

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Engagement- To establish a meaningful contact or connection with someone Are you being engaged enough?  Are you engaging your peers in the industry?  Are you sharing yourself and your experiences with others in a meaningful way? We are forever grateful for the amazing clients we have in our industry from all around the world.  Once a year we put on a “workshop” that just covers the expenses of collecting as … Read More →

Save 50% on Leaf Credo to Phase One Upgrades

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  Many of us were hoping that the Mamiya Leaf Credo line would introduce a 100mp system to their long line of digital systems.   Alas, this will not be the case and the Leaf Line of digital cameras will end with the 80mp back.  While this has been disappointing to many of us who have been using Leaf digital backs since the early 90’s, Phase One has continued the … Read More →

Phase One 4th Quarter Promotions


Promotion #1 – IQ3 100 Purchase a slightly Pre-Owned Phase One IQ3 100 digital back for just $29,990 – Any new XF kit can be added for just $6,990 more Promotion #2 – IQ2 60 XF Kit Purchase a slightly Pre-Owned Phase One IQ2 60 digital back with an XF body,  80mm LS, and V grip for just $17,990 Promotion #3 – IQ3 50 XF Kit Purchase a NEW Phase One … Read More →

Top Ten: The significance of today’s announcements


A New Bayer Filter set? So there isn’t an earth shaking 1,000 megapixel announcment? I am not getting 50,000 ISO either? And they only changed a silly filter pattern? I have anticipated hearing some extreme reactions to today’s announcements from Phase One.   On the surface it might be hard to understand why subtle changes to a filter pattern on a sensor can really matter.  And to these questions let … Read More →

CI and Shoot the Centerfold Workshops

Poolside 2

This is now the 4th year of Capture Integration’s close working relationship with the Shoot the Centerfold organization run by the talented Jarmo Pohjamiemi.  I just came back from our second trip to the Santorini, Greece workshop and wanted to share thoughts with you. Read More →

A few hours with the Phase One Achromatic IQ3 100

A few hours with the Phase One Achromatic IQ3 100

  We received our first Phase One IQ3 100 Achromatic back on Friday.   There has been strong anticipation of this back since its release due to all the feature improvements over the previous Achromatic P45+ and IQ260.  So I decided to grab it and shoot it for a few hours over the weekend.  I strongly believe that you can’t support a product properly unless you have had it in … Read More →

Phase One Capture One Keyboards are in!


LogicKeyboard and Phase One have partnered together to bring you the Capture One Pro 10 Keyboard. About LogicKeyboard LogicKeyboard is a Danish company specialising in printed keyboards for Professional software applications and industrial applications. The keyboards are color coded and stylised with the application tools in order to aid in fast workflow and help discovery of function for new users. The keyboards also create visual interest in point of sale … Read More →

Why Capture Integration is different…


  I want to apologize to all of our customers today who are looking for the Capture Integration Black Friday “You Must Have it Now” Discount e-mail.  This year we will not change our values for some short term profit, we have decided to continue to “walk our walk” instead of trying to keep up with the box movers and the spam e-mailers. Capture Integration was created and is still run with … Read More →

10 Phase One Announcements at Photokina


Every second year, the photo industry descends on a small German town to unveil their latest technology and innovation.  This marks the 26th year that I have been attending this strange happening they call Photokina in the gorgeous town of Koln. Thats correct, the English ignore that it is Koln, Deutschland, and we refer to it as Cologne, Germany.  There are complicated reasons tied to which tribe we originally recognized … Read More →