Phase One Capture One Keyboards are in!


LogicKeyboard and Phase One have partnered together to bring you the Capture One Pro 10 Keyboard. About LogicKeyboard LogicKeyboard is a Danish company specialising in printed keyboards for Professional software applications and industrial applications. The keyboards are color coded and stylised with the application tools in order to aid in fast workflow and help discovery of function for new users. The keyboards also create visual interest in point of sale … Read More →

Why Capture Integration is different…


  I want to apologize to all of our customers today who are looking for the Capture Integration Black Friday “You Must Have it Now” Discount e-mail.  This will year we will not change our values for some short term profit, we have decided to continue to “walk our walk” instead of trying to keep up with the box movers and the spam e-mailers. Capture Integration was created and is still run … Read More →

10 Phase One Announcements at Photokina


Every second year, the photo industry descends on a small German town to unveil their latest technology and innovation.  This marks the 26th year that I have been attending this strange happening they call Photokina in the gorgeous town of Koln. Thats correct, the English ignore that it is Koln, Deutschland, and we refer to it as Cologne, Germany.  There are complicated reasons tied to which tribe we originally recognized … Read More →

Why is “good enough” acceptable?


One of my supervisors at my first summer job in 1982 had a saying when he was satisfied with his task at hand, “It’s good enough for government work.”  In fact, we actually worked for a government agency, but I think that he would have said this regardless of our employer.  This adult really didn’t care whether the job was done right or wrong.  What mattered to him was that it … Read More →

Leaf no longer supporting Aptus Digital Backs


Mamiya-Leaf will no longer offer service for Valeo, Aptus and Aptus S series backs after JULY 31st, 2016 Any service requests have to be made before this date. After the above-mentioned date it will still be possible to download software, manuals and get limited support for the products, however Mamiya-Leaf can not offer service for the mentioned products. Complete list of affected digital camera backs is the following: • Valeo … Read More →

Leica M Battery Recall


We would like to inform you that Li-Ion Batteries for the Leica M8, M8.2, M9, M9-P, Monochrom and M-E (catalog number 14464) cameras manufactured at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 were supplied with a defective electronic component. This causes the camera to display false information about the charge level of the battery. 
 With the Leica M8 and M8.2 cameras, the battery symbol in the LCD on the … Read More →

Thank You Michael…


  Michael Reichmann  1945 – 2016 In every sense of the word he led an amazing life.  His accomplishments are too long to list in a small blog post.  He literally changed our world technology with some of the 6 patents that he holds in communication.  He was a technician, a teacher, a publisher, an innovator, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a photographer.   And he created one of the … Read More →

Sony Pauses CMOS Sensor Operation


  On April 16th, two large earthquakes hit the southern Kumamoto region of Japan.  And typical of any such large seismic event, Japan has been hit with 100’s of aftershocks throughout the country. Its latest was just a few hours ago.  How does this affect Capture Integration and our customers?  First and foremost we send our best wishes to all those affected in Japan.  Secondly, Sony Sensor manufacturing plants are in this … Read More →

Profoto Promotions: D1 and B4 Accessories

Profoto D1 & B4 Promotions

D1 Studio Kit: 2 head starting at $1989 Purchase a new 2 head Profoto D1 Studio kit and receive a 2×3 RFi Softbox (254703) and speedring (100501) free – a $387 Value! The D1 Studio Kit is the perfect solution for photographers who refuse to choose between a great location and great light. In other words, it is a versatile kit that can be used for many different kinds of … Read More →

Phase One IQ3 100MP | ISO Sweep


There really isn’t very much to say about these files.  We grabbed a friend, went out to the gulch, and shot some images.  We wanted to see what the new camera would do in natural light and at the new specifications. Enjoy! Equipment Used Phase One IQ3 100 Digital Camera Back Phase One XF Camera System Schneider 110mm LS Lens Capture One 9.0 at Default Noise Settings What questions were … Read More →