Rentals: Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions


1) How soon in advance must I place an order to reserve my equipment? With the high demand for medium format camera systems a 2 week advance notice will help place your equipment on hold and insure its availability for your next job. There is no time limitation in how far in advance you would like to put your equipment on hold. It is very common to place an order 4-6 … Read More →

Top 5 tips when placing your next rental order


There are many considerations to think about when selecting your camera of choice for your next shoot. Deciding which camera and lenses will work best for your needs will require some forethought on your shooting style and conditions. Keep these 5 tips in mind the next time you place your rental order with Capture Integration for a seamless transaction. 1) Digital back choices:  Phase, Leaf, or Hasselblad  –  CCD or CMOS. … Read More →

CI Summer Rental Promotion


Capture Integration is now offering an exclusive rental promotion for the Cambo Actus Mini View Camera. On the Cambo Actus kit, mount your existing mirrorless camera to setup a full mini view camera system. Have questions regarding the setup or if your body will work? Contact our Atlanta office today to learn more at 877-217-9870. How to schedule your rental: Contact Capture Integration’s rental department to confirm availability and schedule your … Read More →