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June 2005 Shootout

A comparison of seven digital backs using the same host body, lens and the same lighting

  • Eye-like

  • Phase One H20

  • Phase One H25

  • Valeo 22

  • Imacon 1 Shot

  • Imacon 4 Shot

  • Sinar 1 Shot

Presented here are 100% crops of two areas of the photo saved as high quality JPGs.

7BC - Top
Download 100% JPG crop of the first area

Download 100% JPG crop of the second area

Phase One H25 and 4×5 film

This test, conducted in 2005 sought to help photographers decide if they could replace their 4×5 film workflow with a 22 megapixel Phase One H25 digital back and maintain quality. This test takes on a different context now that Phase One has released a 39 megapixel digital back (the P45 and P45+) and perfected noise response, long exposure, high ISO, and capture speed.

Camera body was a Linholf Technikarden view camera.


Download Phase One H25 full resolution JPG

Download 4×5 Film full resolution JPG