Arca Swiss C1 Cube, with its unique, patented design, allows to finely position and safely, with unmatched precision, any type of device with a combination of high precision movements. The apparatus or equipment shooting can be oriented along two axes tilt controlled micrometer 30° in each direction. An integrated switch 60° to the base allows positioning of the device at 90° (moving portrait-landscape).

The principle used, the goniometric cradles folded refers to the axes of rotation above the deck, at the device itself. Therefore, when adjusting these movements, the distance between the object and the camera and the point of view (and thus rendering perspective) do not move. At the base of the plate, a first panoramic rotation to align the instrument or device with the intent. After aligning and leveled Cube by its base, a second rotary movement view, situated above the two flip cross allows further rotation of 360° about an axis perpendicular to the bearing plane of the device. This is done without altering the direction of the axis defined by the first and panning the two cribs crossed.

Truly universal for SLR cameras up to the heaviest of rooms, the cube is particularly popular in architectural photography or studio, where he excels when you need precise movements with a 3D approach and macro photography.