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As the Capture Integration Software Support specialist, I get a lot of phone calls and emails throughout the week related to Capture One. Occasionally I get stumped by a question, but the vast majority of questions are consistent. While each case is unique, I figured why not post some quick go-to troubleshooting tips online so I can save you the trouble of needing to call in? Here are some answers to the Top 10 Support questions we get here at CI (in no particular order).

10. Missing User Interface Elements

There you are – opening Capture One to get some serious work done. You look up at the top of the screen to select your white balance eye dropper and it’s missing along with the rest of your tools! Sometimes you will open Capture One and be missing some UI (User Interface) elements, particularly after upgrading Capture One. If you go to View > Customize Toolbar, you’ll see all the elements you could drag into the top, but the default toolbar configuration is also missing!

The Fix: Go to the Window menu > Workspace and choose the Default workspace. This brings all of the elements back. You should be able to switch back to your previous workspace (hopefully you saved it) and be fine. Otherwise, recreate your workspace as you desire then save it by going to Window > Workspace > Save Workspace.

  • Missing Toolbar

    Missing Toolbar

  • Missing Default Toolbar

    Missing Default Toolbar

  • UI Restored!

    UI Restored

9. Crashing on Startup

  • Capture One Crashed

You go to open up Capture One, and it bounces on the Dock then crashes immediately. You restart the machine – still crashes. You delete the app and reinstall it – still crashes.

The Fix: There are a few possible fixes you can try:

  1. Hold down the Option key (Control on PC) when clicking on the application to start. This will bring you to a dialog window instead of opening the last Session or Catalog you were in. From here you can close this window, go to File > Verify Catalog or Session and select the appropriate session or catalog to verify and repair any issues.
  2. Delete the Batch Queue.  The Batch Queue keeps track of images currently waiting to process and a process history for your images… This is often one of my first things to delete when C1 crashes on startup. Often times this is all it takes!
  3. Hold down the option key as described in the first part of step 1. Instead of closing the Recent Documents window that appears, try opening another session or creating a brand new session. If it opens and doesn’t crash, try navigating using the System Folders panel on the Library tab to the folder of the troublesome session and see if it crashes. If so, it could be a corrupted preview or image causing the crashing. Start moving images out of that folder a few at a time until it doesn’t crash to isolate down the issue.

8. Pixellated / Out of Focus Previews

You’ve just imported a bunch of images and every image you click on appears out of focus / not sharp / pixellated and not anywhere close to the image quality you were expecting.

  • Pixellated Previews
    Pixellated Previews
  • Previews Don’t Resolve

    Previews Don't Resolve

The Fix: Usually this means that Capture One is having a difficult time writing the preview file or is having issues allocating enough resources. Here are a couple of things to try:

  1. Run a repair permissions through Disk Utility. It doesn’t always make sense as to why this helps, but it sometimes does the trick. This makes sure that all the system-related files are able to properly read and communicate with each other. Open Disk Utility from your Utilities folder, select your main hard drive and choose Repair Disk Permissions.
  2. Delete the Image previews (Sessions-only). Close Capture One. Navigate to where your raw files are located, and go into the “CaptureOne” folder there. Open the Cache folder and delete the Proxies folder. Reopen Capture One and it should try to regenerate the previews.
  3. Disable OpenCL for processing in Capture One Preferences. If your computer is trying to use the Graphics card for aiding in Display, sometimes changing it to Never will help resolve this issue.
  4. Restart your computer. This helps maximize the resources your machine is using for preview generation, as well as clearing any possible hangups your computer could be causing unrelated to Capture One.
  5. Make sure your previews are generating the right size.  Too big and it’s forcing your computer to use too many resources unnecessarily. Too small and it’s having to redraw them to fit your workspace.
  6. Try opening a different session, navigating to the troublesome images using the System Folders panel and verify if the images can adquately resolve. If so, you may have a bad session. If so, you should create a new session and import the images into the new session.

7. Capture One Won’t Process

You select an image or group of images to process, but when you do nothing seems to happen, or it seems to take a RIDICULOUS amount of time (and never actually finishes), or when you do successfully process, you just get a black image or corrupted image.

  • Ridiculous Processing Time

The Fix:  There could be any number of culprits here, so the solutions will vary…

  1. Try restarting the computer, then Deleting the Batch Queue (as mentioned in Step 2 of #9 above). Then try to process just one of the images again. If that works, try processing the rest of the images.
  2. It could be that the Process Recipe is corrupted or has invalid settings (like trying to output to a location or drive that isn’t available). The best approach is to simply create a new recipe from scratch and trying again.
  3. If only getting black frames when you process, it may also benefit to toggle your OpenCL settings for processing in your Capture One Preferences. If it’s set to Never, try setting to Auto, or vice versa. Often times it will be set to Auto, and changing to Never will prevent any stored information in the Graphics card’s memory from being used to help process.

6. Camera Communication Issues / Dropped Connection

  • Dropped Camera Connection

You’re shooting, but the camera keeps disconnecting and disappearing from the menu, or has difficulty transferring images.

The Fix: This could be a hardware-related issue (bad cable, bad computer port, bad camera port), so some of those things should be troubleshooted first. Try a different cable or plug into a different port. Try restarting the machine, etc.

On the software side, there a couple of other quick fixes you can try:

  1. Check your Providers in Capture One Preferences > Capture. There can be conflicts that occur between the different camera manufacturer’s SDKs – particularly between Canon, Nikon, & Sony. If you use one of these cameras, uncheck the other two and restart Capture One.
  2. If the above doesn’t work, another trick that seems to work is to navigate to your Mac’s Users/Shared folder and deleting the Capture One/CaptureCore folder in there. It will be regenerated when you open Capture One and connect a camera.

5. Importing or Processing to Wrong Location

This is another common question I often receive. It typically happens more often when processing that importing, but the root cause is basically the same. We’ll focus on Processing in this case. Often times, one of two things has probably happened:

  1. You opened a Session A, but navigated to another Session’s (Session B) folders in the System Folders Panel. You hit processing thinking you were in Session B, but since you were actually in Session A it processed to Session A’s output folder.
    • Wrong Location

    The Fix: An easy way to check what session you’re in is to look at the top of the Capture One window – it will show you the name of your session. If it’s not the one you’re expecting, open the correct session!

  2. The second thing that usually happens is the output folder gets accidentally changed. We already discussed this in a previous post. Click here to check it out!

4. Only Processing Images One at a Time

You select several images and hit process, but Capture One only processes the first image. Then you have to go image-by-image processing each one. Surely there must be a better way!

  • Edit All Selected Variants

The Fix: I get this question A LOT. The problem is “Edit All Selected Variants” is turned off – meaning it only works with the Primary image… the one with the thick white border around it. You can quickly check this by using the Edit Menu > Edit All Selected Variants or clicking on the button in the toolbar that looks like a stack of images (the only orange button in the above photo).

  • The Primary Variant

    The Primary Variant

3. Lost License Key

You need your license key so you can activate it on another machine or you want to use it to upgrade an older license of Capture One Pro. You go to the Capture One menu > License ( or Help > License Information on Windows) and it shows you all but the last 4 digits.

The Fix: If you know what email address (Phase One Profile) you activated your license code under, simply head over to, click on My Pages at the top, enter in your email address and password to log in. You full license code should be listed with any other Capture One Pro license codes you have activated under License Management.

Also, if you purchase your new or upgrade Capture One Pro license through us, we will have that information on file and be able to quickly help you with that information should you need it!

  • Login Login

  • License Management

    License Management

2. License Could Not Be Verified By Server

You open up Capture One – it gives you a License Could Not Be Verified By the Server error message, then quits. You reopen the program, and it repeats until you throw your computer against the wall.

The Fix: I haven’t figured out why this happens necessarily, but I have figured out a way to get out of this loop. Remove any connection to the internet by turning off your WiFi or unplugging your ethernet cable, then restart Capture One. It should break the loop, then allow you to move toward activating your license. If you have already activated on this machine, don’t worry – it won’t use up one of your activations. Don’t forget to turn your internet back on before you try to activate!

1. Incorrect Activation Profile

You are trying to activate your copy of Capture One Pro. You enter in your license code EXACTLY as it was sent to you, but it keeps telling you the Activation Profile is incorrect.

  • Incorrect Activation Profile

The Fix: There’s not really a “fix” per se – the error message is telling you that the email address (Phase One Profile) you entered does not match the License code. Usually this means that it was activated under another email address (either one of your own or another employee’s email, etc). The only way around this is to figure out who the license was activated under. If you can’t figure it out, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help.


This is not an exhaustive list of answers, and these may not always solve your issue. But these methods have at some point or another solved a customer’s question and helped on more than one occasion. Still have a question that wasn’t answered here? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Contact our technical support team for questions or additional information!

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