ALPA GON Tripod Kit, including GON HEAD, Triobal Mini, Carbon legs and focusing rail

ALPA recently announced that they have put together seven ALPA GON tripod kits at a promotional price just in time for the holidays! These ALPA GON tripod kits are 14% off the regular price and are first come first serve so you MUST ACT FAST!

The ALPA GON Tripod kit is the perfect camera tripod kit for ALPA loving photographers. Photographers will have the ability to select from the numerous ALPA modules and fully functional module combinations that will allow photographers to quickly adapt to their shooting environment. The ALPA GON Tripod kit also offers the ability to take close to the ground photos without any problems.

What’s included in the ALPA GON Tripod Kit?

  • ALPA Transport Case
  • ALPA Compact Table Top Tripod
  • ALPA Novoflex Castel-Q Focusing Rail
  • ALPA Novoflex Cast-Fine Adjustment Handle for Castel – Q/XQ !! 
  • ALPA QPL Slim 50
  • ALPA QPL 1 dove tail mount, UniQ/C square
  • ALPA Triobal Mini with Q-mount
  • ALPA Carbon Fiber Legs C2844 (four segments)
  • ALPA GON Tripod Head
  • ALPA GON Module
  • ALPA Pano Plate Module