Capture Pilot 2.0 Released


Phase released version 2.0 of Capture Pilot for iOS last month and now provides Sony camera support as well as unlisted bug fixes and performance tweaks.   Version History 2.0 – Apr 19, 2018 – Sony Camera Controls (in app purchase required) – Bug fixes and Performance tweaks 1.12 – Jan 19, 2018 – iPhone X support – iOS 11 support – Bug fixes 1.11 – Sep 19, 2017 Compatibility with IQ … Read More →

Capture Pilot 1.11 Released


The long awaited update for Capture Pilot released today and provides: – A new XF-like interface – Is compatible with devices up to iPhone 7 & 7 plus , iPad (2017) , iPad Pro 12.7″ & 9.7″ – Is compatible with iOS 11 – Provides 64bit support   As the version number indicates, this is not a completely new version of Capture Pilot but simply a compatibility update, and while … Read More →

Capture Pilot & iOS 10 – Patience Necessary


4 steps to initiating a successful Capture Pilot session: Step #1: Turn on the AdHoc Network on the IQ2 or IQ3 series digital back. Step #2: Navigate on your Apple iOS device to iOS Settings–>Wi-FI–>PhaseOne(DB Serial#)   Step 3: Launch Capture Pilot If Capture Pilot had already been launched and had been sitting idle (perhaps for days or weeks) in iOS 10 you’ll be greeted with this: Simply double tap … Read More →

Live View on Phase One IQ3 100 using Capture Pilot for Macro Focusing

Phase One IQ3 100MP Macro Focusing

As technology increases in every segment of our world, the question arises both practically and philosophically; do we need this?   Let’s cut to the chase, who NEEDS a street car with 700+ horsepower?  (me.)  Who needs a 4k 60″ television?  (me.)  Who needs a 100mp camera? (me.) Who needs to sit in silence daily, focusing on my breath with no electronics whatsoever?  (me, whole ‘nuther post, not here.) Once we have the … Read More →

Capture Pilot 1.9 Released

Capture Pilot 1.9 Update

Phase One has released Capture Pilot 1.9 which contains some bug fixes as well as adding in support for Phase One IQ3 digital backs. They’ve also added in Camera Control during Live View, but at this point we are waiting on firmware updates to incorporate this functionality. Capture Pilot 1.9 is CI Approved. We have tested this release and find it to be stable and ready to incorporate into a … Read More →

Capture Pilot 1.8.1 Released

Capture Pilot 1.8.1 Update

Phase One has released Capture Pilot 1.8.1 today which contains some bug fixes and graphical glitches when lenses with long names being truncated when viewed on iPhone. Capture Pilot 1.8.1 is CI Approved. We have tested this release and find it to be stable and ready to incorporate into a workflow. As always, be sure to back up Capture Pilot should you need to reload an earlier version. Once updated … Read More →

Capture Pilot 1.8 Released

Capture Pilot 1.8 Update

Phase One has released Capture Pilot 1.8 today which contains some new usability enhancements – the ability to display additional metadata information under the histogram and rotating the camera controls when using an iPhone. We have found some issues with this release and do not recommend updating at this time. Once updated it can be difficult to go back to a previous version! Keep tuned to our blog for further … Read More →

Capture Pilot 1.7.1 Released

Capture Pilot 1.7.1 Released

Phase One released Capture Pilot 1.7 last week in the iTunes App Store, featuring Live View from the Phase One IQ250 over Wifi & AdHoc, as well as bug fixes and a few other features. It worked, but there was some stability issues. Today Phase One released Capture Pilot 1.7.1 to address these, and it works great. None of the crashing or stability issues we experienced in our testing happened … Read More →

Capture Pilot 1.7 Released

Capture One Pro Capture Pilot 1.7 Released

Phase One released Capture Pilot 1.7 today in the iTunes App Store. This biggest feature this update contains is Live View from IQ250 over Wifi & AdHoc, as well as bug fixes, an updated protocol for connecting over Ad-hoc (significantly faster and more stable connection process), and a new look designed for iOS 8. It is important to note that this release no longer supports iOS 6. We will continue … Read More →

Capture One Pro Quick Tip: Backing up Capture Pilot & other iOS apps

Show App in the Finder

Backing up iOS applications The difficult thing about updating apps on your iPhone or iPad, is that once you update it, it’s nearly impossible to find an earlier version of the software should you need it. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to back up the apps should you need them again. Here’s how: First, plug your iOS device into the iTunes library you usually sync with. If you haven’t already, you … Read More →