Upgrade NOW with Phase One Year End Promos

Phase One XF

Upgrade from any Phase One 50MP to IQ4 100 MP for $24,990   Upgrade any Phase One 50MP to IQ4 100MP (back only) Add the XF system (XF Camera Body + Prism Viewfinder + 80mm LS Lens) – $6,990 Add the XF system including 5 Year warranty – $8,990   Upgrade from any Phase One 50MP to IQ3 100MP for $17,990 Upgrade any Phase One 50MP to IQ3 100MP (back only) Add the XF system … Read More →

Phase One CPO IQ3 Trichro or Achro Kit for $26,990

Phase One XF

The Best CPO Promotion Of The Year From now until December 31st, Phase One is offering a Certified Pre-Owned IQ3 100MP Trichromatic OR Achromatic Kit for $26,990. The IQ3 100 Trichromatic is an IQ3 100 with superior color results, due to the uniquely modified filter pattern above the 100mp sensor.   Phase One IQ3 100 MP Trichromatic kit includes: CPO IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Kit  NEW XF with Prism 80mm BR lens 1 … Read More →

Customer Experience: Phase One XT & Gary Bogdon

1m00s, Automated Frame Average

Chris Snipes shares Gary Bogdon Review Not so long ago, I was explaining the new Phase One XT Digital Camera System to a good friend and client, Gary Bogdon, over a round of golf. He had seen all of the coverage of the new product and remembered the process of using a Cambo Technical Camera System with a Phase One back during a past resort shoot. We decided to make plans … Read More →

Cambo Accessories for Phase One XT Camera


Cambo and the Phase One XT Camera On Tuesday September 10th, 2019 Phase One announced the availability of their new XT Camera System. Although this product is based around components manufactured by Cambo, it ultimately will be a Phase One product and be distributed exclusively through Phase One dealers like Capture Integration, who also happen to be Cambo dealers as well. The Phase One XT Camera, being based on the … Read More →

Is the Phase One XT the Holy Grail?


Ok, kind of a teaser title, forgive me for that. But let’s face it, if you have by now any inkling of what the Phase One XT Camera is all about, then I think it becomes a legitimate question. First, let’s properly introduce you to the Phase One XT Camera and what it does bring to your table. Phase One XT Strong Points Compact and lightweight 12mm X/Y Shift Built-in … Read More →

Phase One XT

Phase One XT Camera System

XT Camera System: Seek extraordinary Your passion for photography takes you far and wide, to distant and spectacular places. As of this moment, you have the absolute best camera system to bring along: The Phase One XT Camera System. Designed for convenience and precision, the travel-friendly XT fits easily into your lifestyle. The intuitive operation, paired with the unsurpassed image quality for which Phase One is known, offers you an … Read More →

Fuji vs. Phase One: How good is your glass?


The old adage of “you are only as good as your glass” rings as true today than it ever has in the past.  We are in the age of smaller and smaller pixel widths combined with sensor resolutions yielding higher quality than 8×10 film.  The demands on today’s optics are changing with every improvement in sensor design. Lenses that performed beautifully at 30mp resolution are falling apart at 100mp resolution. With this … Read More →

CI Exclusive – Phase One XT First Look

BTS_Phase One XT

Watch Barry Grossman Go Behind The Scenes with the Phase One XT Camera System Capture Integration was honored to receive the very first new Phase One XT camera shipped into the United States a week before the national release.  Knowing the demands of our customers, we wanted to place the unit in the hands of one of our very good clients, Barry Grossman to put the camera through its paces. … Read More →

Phase One XT System: What you need to know


By now, you should have read about the new Phase One XT camera system but in case you have not, here are the basics that are covered by every other website today: The Phase One XT is the first fully electronic integrated field camera that marries the highest quality optics with the world’s highest quality digital capture device, the Phase One IQ4 150mp. It is shipping today with Rodenstock HR … Read More →

New ALPA Accessories For Phase One IQ4

Shop New ALPA Accessories

Just In Time for Summer! ALPA Electronic Shutter IQ4 Handgrip Kit New for IQ4! The ALPA Handgrip Kit offers a convenient way to trigger the Electronic Shutter. It can be attached to all classic ALPA 12 camera bodies via the ALPA Feature Connector. The ergonomic handgrip kit is now also available in the version for IQ4 (new 12-pin plug).   ALPA Sync Cord MK III For PHASE ONE IQ The … Read More →