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Capture Integration is excited to sponsor an upcoming workshop with fashion photographer David Benoliel. David is a French photographer based in Miami and New York; known for his beauty, fashion and nude work . As with all CI workshops, Capture Integration is working with our partners to provide hands-on equipment testing. This is not a lecture series – it’s a hands-on 6 day workshop. You will have the opportunity to use the latest Hasselblad, Broncolor, Eizo, Sunbounce and Manfrotto gear. David’s Profocus studio is linked below for registration details.

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April 8-13, 2013 – Six Full Days

Location – Miami, Florida

Profocus Studio
329 NE 59 Terrace
Miami, Florida 33137
(305) 640-8758

And on location at Miami Beach

David Benoliel

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I’m David, 36. Fashion and beauty photographer. I’m originally from Paris, and settled in Miami a few years ago. After attending photography and video workshops all around the world (and at the request of many of you), I decided to develop my first workshop.

If you like my style, lighting and techniques, I intend to show you everything you need to know to do it yourself. I am excited to tell you that we will have the opportunity to not only use top notch equipment, but we will have on-set representatives from each major brand that I use in my own personal studio. They will answer any questions that you may have regarding the equipment we will be using.

We will be working with my own personal team: represented models, professional hair and makeup artists, stylists and assistants. It will be a very intense week; my goal is to give you as much information as needed for you to be able to reproduce everything you have learned on your own – and with confidence.

This workshop is more fashion and beauty oriented, but I will also approach other categories as well.

You will install, mount and setup almost everything yourself, under my supervision (even if we will have assistants full time on set with us). This will allow you to master the techniques and setups for you to use in your own studio.

By sharing your experience, and with the advanced curriculum, we will learn from one another and it will raise the level of knowledge-base for the entire group!


Download Workshop PDF 


Contact Profocus Studio for registration and payment information:

$5,800 (20% deposit required for registration)

Profocus Studio
(305) 640-8758 



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