Enjoy a $1,000 instant rebate off the price of Broncolor’s most popular Senso Kit (Item: B-31.055.07) which includes the Senso 2400 power pack with RFS 2 built in, two Litos Lampheads, a 70 x 70 cm Softbox and Speedring, 16 ft sync cord, rolling carrying case. A FREE Beauty Box 65 (Item: B-33.568.00) is included for a limited time! The Broncolor Senso 2400 offers high repetitive precision of color temperature and unmatched reliability that Broncolor is known for. It has three lamp outlets and offers 6.5 stops of power adjustment. Senso has a built in wireless radio receiver for flash triggering via the Broncolor RFS 2 system and is worldwide voltage compatible. The two Litos Lampheads that are included in the kit feature external flashtubes and protecting glass as well as 300 watt modeling lights. They also feature fan cooling and the ability to accept all of the light modifiers that Broncolor offers, including the Para reflectors.

Valid until November 15th, 2016

For more information contact Capture Integration at 877.217.9870

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