10 Things you ought to know about the broncolor Move 1200L Outdoor Para Kit

broncolor move

This is my desert island lighting kit. You’re going to be castaway on a remote island and you can have only one light and one reflector – this is my choice and here’s why.


1. Everything is included. Desert island style.

The Move Outdoor Para Kit is one of the most complete portable solutions for location photographers who want to travel with just one light. This comprehensive kit includes everything to tackle a variety of commissions.

broncolor move

Included is:

– 1 Move 1200 L power pack – 1200ws of portable power with 2 independent channels.
– 1 MobiLED lamp – compact head with LED model lamp and 16ft cable.
– 1 Para 88 reflector – what can I say?  The ultimate collapsible parabolic says it all.
– 1 Para 88 adapter P – mount any bron lamphead made since 1972.
– 1 RFS 2 transmitter – 99 channels, no worries here about interference.
– 1 MobiLED continuous light adapter – turn your strobehead into a standalone continuous light source.
– 1 weatherproof power pack protecting soft case
– 1 Outdoor trolley backpack

2. Crossover powerpack.  At home on location or in the studio.

broncolor move

They say beauty comes in small packages.  Well this little beauty has it all; featuring 1200ws of power and a range of up to 9 f-stops whilst delivering absolute color stability and consistency across the entire power range.  This is due to the broncolor ECTC technology (Enhanced Colour Temperature Control).  ECTC is an evolution of the pioneering CTC developed and perfected in the popular Grafit power pack almost 15 years ago. Built in RFS2 flash triggering (also can be triggered from Pocket Wizard with the adapter cable), and the “Speed Mode” feature from the Scoro gets flash times down to 1/20,000s making the Move 1200L a powerful system for any photographic application – indoors and outdoors – wherever life takes you. With the Move pack in Speed Mode you get the fastest flash durations from 4.7ws to 65ws, so you have latitude to adjust your settings to the situation without sacrifice.  The pack is also completely asymmetrical over two lamp connections.  Asymmetrical?  Yeah, this means that you can have one head at the absolute lowest power setting and the other at the top of the power range!

3. Lithium Power: Smart Battery Tech.

broncolor moveThe Move is equipped with a proven Lithium system – LiFEPo4. It features integrated battery status, which ensures long periods of use, low weight, and up to 4,000 recharging cycles. This battery smacks of quality.  It is designed so that after a day it cuts off its own connection to stop discharging, so you can leave the pack unattended for a year, come back to it and push the battery indication button (which gives you a visual read out of the total charge of the unit without having to turn the pack on), and the battery will read the same charge as it did a year ago when you left it.  Class.

4. Para 88: A true parabolic.

The broncolor Para 88 joins the family of parabolic reflectors that include: the Para 170 FB (5ft), 220 FB (7ft) and 330 FB (11ft).  At 88 cm wide (about 3.5ft), the Para 88 is perfect for outdoor shooting and smaller studios where you don’t want to sacrifice light quality (whoever does?) but need a smaller reflector for the job.  With metal spines and an ingenious snap handle opening and closing, this is a one-man operation.

5. Light and compact

Weighing in at just an incredible 13.7 lbs, the Move 1200 L is not going to slow you down. The Para weighs in at 6.2 lbs, which makes it easier than ever to travel with all your essentials.

6. Para 88: Reflector with or without focusing system.

With compact dimensions, the Para 88 can fulfill the need for a myriad of individual lighting scenarios. The newly developed focusing system of the 88 can be used to focus from front. However, what makes the new 88 distinctive is that the parabolic can also be used independently as the focus system mounts through the rear by the broncolor bayonet; subsequently, a lamphead may be mounted either facing outward toward the subject (brighter, harder) or reverse mounted to take full advantage of the parabolic shape of the reflector offering spot/flood style changes.

7. Para 88 – strobe or continuous and brand independence.

The Para 88 can be used with both strobes and continuous lighting as a diffused light source or a directional light source. The inwardly directed light produced gives shadows, extra sharpness and the fraction of scatter can be increased to reduce contrast. Additionally, it can be used with an array of diffusers or light grids. The Para 88, therefore, becomes a creative, light shaping tool.  And fear not Profoto fans – this one is also for you!  Yep, broncolor decided to share the new Para systems by making a universal baby pin mount and now offer adapters for Profoto, Kobold HMI and even Joker bugs!

8. Outdoor Trolley Backpack.

broncolor move

This new backpack is a really nice touch for the photographer on-the-run. It fits all necessary items from the kit with luggage style wheels and collapsible handlebar. A soft protecting case is also included solely for protecting the power pack.

9. MobiLED Innovation

This daylight balanced 30w LED modeling lamp gives you even more flexibility. It’s compact, lightweight and energy efficient.  MobiLED is also compatible with the entire range of broncolor light shapers and accessories.  And now, with the Move’s continuous lighting capability, and 5500K color temperature, the MobiLED and Move can be used for film sequences, and does so continuously for more than two hours on one battery!

10. C.L.A – Continuous Light Adapter

Another first from broncolor;   Leave the pack and plug the MobiLED directly into an ac power outlet?  Yep.  Really.  Now it doesn’t flash – that would have been just way too cool – but it does now function as a continuous LED lightsource.

So wrapping this up:  Crossover.  Not a just a battery pack, not just a strobe light, not just a studio power pack, but a true all-rounder that is not a compromise.  Like I said; desert island light kit.

The Move 1200L is in kit form or pack only to work with your existing broncolor heads.

Cat #DescriptionPrice $
B-31.016.07Power Pack Move 1200 L$4,947.97
B-31.026.07Move 1200 L Outdoor kit c/w 1 Head$6,329.25
B-31.027.07Move 1200 L Outdoor kit c/w 2 Heads$7,651.36
B-31.028.07Move 1200 L Outdoor Para kit$9,258.65
B-33.482.00Para 88 reflector broncolor$2,263.98
B-33.483.00Para 88 P kit broncolor$3,960.51
B-33.489.03adapter Profoto for focusing system Para 88$428.74
B-33.489.05adapter K5600 for focusing system Para 88$339.50
B-33.473.00diffuser 2 for Para 88$287.12

broncolor move

broncolor move