Take your photography to the next level. Take advantage of 0% APR financing for 24 months.

Save Money: Spread the cost of your new equipment over the life of the lease with as little as one payment down. Let the equipment pay for itself as you use it!

Industry Experts: Capture Integration has partnered with Amur Equipment Finance which has provided leasing and financial solutions to the Photography industry for over two decades.

It’s Easy as 1-2-3: Download and complete the application by clicking here. Upon approval, execute your eDocs or paper documents, and take delivery.

Fax this Application to 978.451.6652 or email it to SHamburg@AmurEF.com

For questions or details call 917.825.9626

Other options such as 2.99% for 36 mos., 3.99% for 48 mos. And 4.99% for 60 mos are also available upon request as are other term lengths.

Click Here to Use the Financial Calculator

Based on First and Last month in advance, $1 Buyout. Rates vary according to credit strength and are subject to change until final approval. For the standard programs, a minimum of 2 years confirmed time in business. Younger companies usually require review of tax returns and a larger deposit.  Lessee is responsible for all property and sales tax (unless exempt ) . Promotion ends 12/31/17.


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