Phase One has just given us access to the first service update for the DF+. The new firmware, titled 2.10, address the incompatibility of the Schneider 120mm TS Manual Focus lens. Currently the DF+ body will not recognize the 120mm lens and will produce a variety of errors not allowing you to shoot. 2.10 resolves this incompatibility and allows for normal shooting. If you are not using the 120mm TS then this update may be skipped as it will not provide any new functionality besides compatibility with the lens.


When you go to update the DF+ body in Firmware Updater the Updater will list your DF+ as a normal DF and ask you to update to the DF firmware 1.55. DO NOT DO THIS, you will brick your DF+ body and it will need to go to Phase One for service.

You will need to manually select the 2.10 firmware within the Updater from the File menu to upgrade your DF+ body to avoid causing harm. This will replace the DF 1.55 firmware with the DF+ 2.10 firmware and allow you to safely update. Please call us if you need any help!

Find the Firmware Updater here:
Download the new DF+ 2.10 Firmware here from us:

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