Live Preview: Zoom up 400% and Adjustable Framerate and Brightness

Firmware 1.33 Now Available

Phase One has released firmware 1.33 for the Phase One IQ series (Phase One IQ180, Phase One IQ160, and Phase One IQ140).

Compared to firmware version 1.19 this firmware offers the following improvements:

  • Live View is now available on the IQ display
  • IIQ Small file format is now available
  • New Specific camera mode for Mamiya RZ PRO IID
  • General stability improvement


IIQ Small (IIQ-S) format is a lossy compressed format. It sacrifices a very small amount of image quality in exchange for a much smaller raw file. It does not change the resolution of the system and can be used in either full-resolution mode or Sensor+ mode. Those seeking the absolute highest image quality will still want to use IIQ Large (IIQ-L) format, which compresses the raw without any loss of quality. However, the IIQ-S algorithm has been greatly improved from the algorithm used in the P+ series, opening the door for photographers and applications where a very minor loss of quality (producing files still far beyond that of almost any other camera system) is acceptable in exchange for increased speed and reduced storage needs.

Live View

The Phase One IQ series is the first digital back in the world to offer Live Preview on the LCD of the back without the need to tether. It’s important to note that the Phase One IQ series uses a CCD sensor so the frame rate and range of acceptable lighting/contrast conditions is well below that of CMOS based dSLRs. However, in conjunction with variable ND filters to control the amount of light hitting the sensor Capture Integration is hopeful that the Live View will offer an extremely useful tool for the composition and focusing of technical cameras such as the Arca Swiss RM3D and Cambo Wide RS. We will be performing extensive tests.

Download Links

Install Instructions

Update should be performed with the digital back disconnected from the camera, and without FireWire or USB connected. Also make sure you have a fully charged battery in the IQ back.

  • Download the latest IQ Firmware from the link above,
  • Transfer the .fwr file to an empty compact flash card and insert it into the IQ’s compact flash card slot.
  • Select “Update Firmware” from the Firmware menu and the IQ back will automatically detect and implementthe update from the card.
  • After upgrade the digital back will have to be rebooted, a full reboot is performed by removing the battery from the IQ back, and reinserting it.
  • After rebooting select [Menu > Restore Defaults] to ensure the back is on default settings.

Note: If you have any issues with the update, the “Restore Firmware” option will revert to the factory installed firmware version. If you experience errors you can use the menu “Dump Log” to transfer Log information to the CompactFlash card – this log file you can use to send to support for further analysis

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