Canon Tethering
This tutorial will demonstrate how to replace the Canon SDK within Capture One Pro 6/7 to allow for Canon tethering on Mac OS X 10.8 and 10.7.5.

NOTE: This is for more advanced users and is not officially supported by Phase One. This is a workaround for people who are desperate or who absolutely need to tether that are stuck in the newer versions of OS X

With the introduction of Mountain Lion and the new 10.7.5 update an inadvertent side effect has arisen, Canon tethering has simply broken due to SDK issues and incompatibility within Capture One Pro 6 & 7. This guide will attempt to help you apply a technical workaround to this issue with 7 steps.

1. To get started you will need to have EOS Utility 2.12 or later, you can safely download it here. Just find your camera, select ‘Software & Drivers’, enter your OS and download. Install this like normal.

2. After EOS Utility installs navigate into the Finder to where it was installed to, the default location is ‘Applications/Canon Utilities/EOS Utility’. Once here, right click on the EOS Utility icon and select ‘Show Package Contents’.

This will open a new Finder window with the guts of EOS Utility in it. Within this new window you will need to navigate to where the Canon SDK lives, here is the hierarchy to get there:


Contents > Frameworks > EDSDK.framework > Versions > A

3. Within the ‘A’ folder select all 4 files located there and copy them. Create a temporary folder somewhere like on your desktop and paste those files into there.

4. We now need to apply these files to a version of Capture One Pro. To do this, while limiting the impact if something goes wrong or you need to update, we recommend creating a second version of Capture One Pro. This can be accomplished by copy and pasting your Capture One Pro install back into the Application folder, this will create copy that will need to be renamed.  Refer to these instructions by us on how to rename Capture One Pro.

5. Once that new version has been created you will need to go into Capture One Pro’s application folder just like we did with EOS Utility. Start off by right clicking on your new copy of Capture One Pro and selecting ‘Show Package Contents’. Just like before a new finder will open, within this we will need to navigate deep within to get to where we want. Here is the hierarchy of where we need to go:

Capture One > Contents > MacOS

6. Once you get here right click on CaptureCoreServer and select ‘Show Package Contents’. Another new Finder window will open, within this navigate here:

Contents > Frameworks < CaptureCore > Canon > ED-SDK > EDSDK.framework > Versions > A

7. Within the ‘A’ folder copy and replace these files with the files we copied from EOS Utility. And that’s it! You can now open the new version of Capture One Pro you created and tether normally, hallelujah! Note though that performance of older Canon models such as the original 5D may be affected, just look out for and expect that.

Thanks to Paul_E on the Phase One forums for spotting this!